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Thanks to a generous grant of $650,000 from the Beloit Foundation, the theatre underwent a major renovation project in the summer of 2016. In addition to this grant, the School District of Beloit funded projects through an Energy Exemption Grant from the state due to safety and energy efficiency concerns. The upgrades included:

- Acoustical panels on the auditorium walls for reflection and absorption of sound. This will provide a more even hearing environment for the audience and eliminate some of the feedback problems that were created when the asbestos was removed from the walls in the 1994 renovation.

- Replacement of the stage flooring.

- Replacement of the stage draperies.

- Installation of LED house lights.

- Replacement of all the stage lighting to new LED fixtures.

- Installation of two electric light bar winches to raise and lower spotlights above the seats.

- Installation of air conditioning in the theatre.

- Painting the walls and ceiling of the auditorium

The stage floor installation in progress:

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