Project Wish List

$10,000     Wireless Stage Mics--many needed

We have had numerous sound issues as microphones age and need to be replaced. Due to some of the wireless lapel and handheld mics being 12-15 years old, we recently had difficulties with feedback or mics cutting out during major presentations to the schools by visiting lecturers and other theatrical performers.

Sennheiser is known worldwide for quality. We currently employ 8 of these spectacular mics.
Our goal is to double that.

P.A.P.A.S. wants to continue to financially support all the arts programs as we move forward. Here are some of our other expenditure goals:

* Increase rental musical instrument inventory for orchestra and band students
* Choir robes
* Risers and Platforms
* Portable/Collapsible Sound Shells
* Increase sheet-music library for Choir, Band, and Orchestra